FREE: Ten Irish Heroines of 1916

Download your FREE Book, Ten Irish Heroines, The Women of the Rising.

In Ireland, women took an active part in the Easter Rebellion of 1916. They were courageous, self-sacrificing, and some came from Anglo-Irish gentry, giving up everything for Ireland. This is a short book about 10 of these extraordinary women. 

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6 thoughts on “FREE: Ten Irish Heroines of 1916

  1. At a time when too many are critical of the women and men of ’16 it is encouraging to continue to find memorabilia and pictures which remind us of their courage and the debt we owe.

    • I agree, Thomas. Few of us can even imagine what life must have been life in Ireland all those years ago and the horrible trials and tribulations these people went through. One can get so caught up in politics that we fail to realize the human side of things. It is through desperation and hopelessness that often lead people to revolution and not politics. I agree with you that these people need to be remembered because every one of them gave up so much for totally unselfish reasons.

  2. I found this entire very interesting and enjoyed all. I downloaded your interesting writings on your ” Ten-Irish-Heroines-of-1916. Hope to enjoy more before I take my trip to Ireland.

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