10 Amazing Books for Kids

10 Irish  Books for Kids about Ireland

It is difficult to choose books for kids in this age of technology and instant gratification. Add a child’s short attention span, especially in the very young and you may as well be trying to teach him or her how to fly a plane! But wait. Can’t we use this to our advantage? Isn’t there a way to add knowledge and especially amazing facts into those sponge-like minds and how do we teach them something as important as history?

Enter the fabulous mind-bending, earth-shattering world of story-telling told in the form of Audio books, specifically, Irish myths and legends such as…………

Brown bull of cooley

The Brown Bull of Cooley

salmon of knowledge stampThe Salmon of Knowledge

Cu ChullainLegend of Cu Chulainn

Were you like me and never knew your Irish grandparents? Did you learn Irish legends and myths when you were all grown up, long after you could truly appreciate the history behind them? Did you grow up with Disney as your only source of story telling? Sad isn’t it? What if I told you there are ten books for kids, all aimed at Irish history and it was told in an Irish accent? What if they were clear, humorous, fun and educational?

Irish Myths and Legends  by David Murphy and Steven Murphy

Irish Myths and Legends by David Murphy and Steven Murphy

Irish Myths and Legends  is an Audio Book for Kids including the above stories as well as The Wicked Goblin of Tara, Brian Boru and the Battle of Clontarf, Niamh and Oisin @ the Magical Land of Tir na nOg, the Mighty Gian Fionn Mac Cumhaill,  and The Fianna Irish Warriors. 

These stories are famous  and very old. They include lovely traditional Irish music in the background and in the brilliant story-telling style of David Murphy who lives in Dublin, Ireland. Honestly, I love them.

The intriguing tales, are fun for adults as well as kids; they are available to purchase on itunes and also on Amazon.com under digital music section. Please keep Irish culture alive by sharing these great stories with your children. The Murphy brothers have graciously allowed me to add link to one of their stories here. I”m confident you’ll love them as much as I did when you hear David’s lovely Irish brogue so be sure to download the other stories  to your computer, ipad or phone.

Irish Myths and Legends by David and Steven Murphy

 Click here to listen:   The Tales of St Patrick

I’d like to thank the Murphy brothers for making these books and sharing them on my blog. I had been racking my brain, trying to figure out best way to teach Irish history to my grand kids. I loved these books and thought them wonderful.

If you have a book, product or idea to share Irish history please contact me at celticbrighid@gmail.com

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