How To Travel Ireland by Irish Bus


Bus in Dublin

An Irish bus is the only way to travel for some people. Let’s face it. Driving in Ireland is not for everyone. The drawbacks are numerous including expense, lack of street signs, dangerous roads and definitely driving on the left if you come from the states or Poland. For some these are just part of the experience but for others it can scare someone into neglecting a trip to Ireland in the first place. DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU! There are other options. Bus travel may be the way to go.

Dublin Hop On Hop Off Tours

Dublin Hop On Hop Off Tours

An Irish bus can be convenient way to travel and see the sights in Dublin but also in the neighboring counties. For $25.00 USD you can book a 2 day pass and travel Dublin in a double Decker Irish bus seeing all the highlights at your own pace.


Dublin Castle, photo by Donald Paquin

There are 28 sights of interest.

Some of my favorite sights are:

Dublin Castle

Christ Church Cathedral

Collins Barracks with the 1916 Exhibit.

National Art Gallery and Kilmainham Gaol.

ST Kevin's Church Wicklow Photo by Donald Paquin

ST Kevin’s Church Wicklow Photo by Donald Paquin

.For a more historical destination by Irish bus, consider a one day tour to nearby Wicklow and St. Kevin’s church. This was one of my favorite places. Be sure you read up on St Kevin ahead of time. It will enhance your experience.

Ring of KerryA Ring of Kerry Tour by bus will cost only $31. 25 USD as of this writing.

Blarney CastleFor a fee of just over $60 you can have the convenience and peace. Book an Irish bus to tour 3 fantastic and extremely popular destinations:

A Cork Day trip that includes, Rock of Cashel, Blarney Castle, and Cork City.

This trip takes a full 12 hours so you will not be rushed.

As many of you know, I am a fan of surprises in Ireland that are found off the beaten path. They are too numerous to count and too precious to avoid.

  If you feel the same way, why not try a combination of bus and car?

This approach may fit the bill for substantial savings  as well as a complete experience.

Purchase a bus pass while in Dublin for as many days as you like, perhaps a an Irish bus pass for a couple days in Cork and then your car for the rest.

More Irish travel tips coming soon. I am also compiling a list of anyone interested in Free review copies for a travel book to be published in the future. Your name (if you prefer) will be added to the credits along with a link to your Irish website if you have one..

I welcome any tips you would like to add in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “How To Travel Ireland by Irish Bus

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  3. Thank you for this, Brighid. You’re wise in suggesting taking a bus in Dublin, whose streets are narrow and typically heavy with traffic, which can be daunting. It is also a good suggestion to consider hiring a car when going from one rural destination to the next. For an American, the logistics may be backwards, but country roads are not congested and here’s where the happy accidents occur: alluring churches spied from the roadside, perhaps a holy well, small towns that are easy to navigate. During my last trip to the west of Ireland, I hired a car to go from town to town., yet when it came to some of the bigger towns (Cork, Galway City), I parked the car in a car-park immediately outside and used public transport to take me into the town center. So I agree with your idea of using both. Thank you for the ‘thought!”

    • Hi Claire, thanks for your comment. My only trouble with Galway City (I did not get into Cork City) was there was not enough parking near the city center. We actually skipped Galway City for that reason. Had I known where the buses were outside of town that would have been a great tip. I’ll have to research the bus schedule. I didn’t know they ran in that part of the country. Thanks so much. Brighid

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