History, the 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Ireland

History and the 5 things you didn’t know about Irelaand

History of Ireland is a vast subject and sadly what we think of most is the 1916 Easter Rising, the Great hunger, and stories of evictions, starvation, social injustice. While all these things are true, and I certainly would not want to downplay any of it, there were other more positive things going on in Ireland, despite all that heartache and hardship. Below are 5 things You Didn’t Know About Irish History, from my new book, 100 Things You Didn’t Know About Irish History.

Computer1.  Ireland is one of the largest software exporters in the world competing back and forth with the United States, much of it in information technology. The U.S has inadvertently encouraged this by having higher tax rates in the U.S. This has caused companies that would otherwise have stayed in the U.S to relocate to countries like Ireland for a much lower tax rate. Can you blame them?

mcdonalds_2183750b2.  Americans, Richard and Maurice O’Reilly came up with the idea for McDonald Restaurants, first named McDonald’s barbecue. Their father was Patrick J. McDonald born in Ireland.

DEbribulator3.  A man from Belfast was a renowned scientist in Irish history. He was the genius behind the portable defibrillator. His name was Professor Frank Pantridge. This was a major advantage to ambulances and saved millions of lives. Before the 1960s, defibrillators were only available in hospitals.

Injection4.  Francis Rynd, born in Dublin in 1802 invented the hypodermic needle.

Painter5.  Income earned by artists, writers, sculptors, and composers are exempt from taxes in Ireland. (In most cases though they have to be approved)

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