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Author Interview w/ Shannon Haire

I am pleased to introduce the readers of to author, Shannon Haire who has just released her new book, Petticoat, Patriots, and Partition. Shannon also writes a blog called Choosing the Green,

smilefistInterview w/ Shannon Haire

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10 Amazing Books for Kids

10 Irish  Books for Kids about Ireland

It is difficult to choose books for kids in this age of technology and instant gratification. Add a child’s short attention span, especially in the very young and you may as well be trying to teach him or her how to fly a plane! But wait. Can’t we use this to our advantage? Isn’t there a way to add knowledge and especially amazing facts into those sponge-like minds and how do we teach them something as important as history?

Enter the fabulous mind-bending, earth-shattering world of story-telling told in the form of Audio books, specifically, Irish myths and legends such as…………

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Patrick Taylor, Irish Doctor Turned Novelist

Patrick Taylor, Irish Doctor Turned Novelist

Patrick Taylor, best-selling author of the Irish Country Doctor series, had this to say when asked what he wanted on his tombstone. He wasn’t a bad fella. Pretty simple message, eh? Interviewing this highly respected Irish doctor and medical researcher turned novelist, I found him anything but simple. While we were on the subject of his eventual demise, Patrick told me a story. “When I told my daughter I planned to be cremated, she told me she knew what to do with my ashes; she planned to add them to the septic tank because she said I was always full of shit.”  I laughed. As a writer myself, I interpret this to mean Patrick Taylor has oodles of imagination and creativity, a fine compliment in my book. I hope Patrick agrees with my assessment.

Patrick Taylor

Visiting by phone, myself in Western New York and Patrick Taylor on Salt Spring Island, near Vancouver, British Columbia, I found himself to be generous with his time, charming, and good company. A true Irishman. The following is a record of our conversation.

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