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The Sun Palace is a book set in sixth century Ireland rich in Irish history. and you can order it here. Review copies available FREE. Contact Brighid

Pagan Druids and Christian monks live side by side. People are highly ‘superstitious.’  A man struggles to hold onto the woman he loves and a young girl travels alone. Miraculously untouched by danger, she yearns to learn the truth about her mother’s death and meet the father she never knew … but Dubthach is the Queen’s brother and threatened by Brigit’s existence; she will do anything to keep the secrets of her own violent past buried.

The Sun Palace is available on for all digital reading. If you are interested in a print copy, email me and once they are available I will let you know.  Multiple excerpts  not found on,  can be read Free @ Bublish website.

Amazon Reviews

 It is beautifully written by someone passionate about the subject who brings the ancient myths and legends to life through this compelling tale. The plot of the Sun Palace weaves in twists and turns patterned by tribal rivalry and betrayal against a backdrop of ancient rituals, beliefs and customs. The story flows with plenty of action and I was carried along by the many twists and turns. The characters come to life in this enthralling account of a changing world. Highly recommended. By Casey Lee

This is what Richard Sutton had to say…..

 The Sun Palace is about family, loyalty and the realities of ancient politics. It’s story told in a distinctively Irish writing voice. The main character is a young woman who has been subject to the tradition of fosterage. She has been raised outside of her blood family’s influence, but certain strong personality traits and an unquenchable thirst for the truth pull her away from her designated family in search of her father, a powerful tribal king. Her learning to live in both worlds — the world of her father’s palace and her village’s simple, traditional life — is a really engaging ride, as are the parallel tales of her foster sister and other family members coming to terms with love and where their own loyalties should lie. I also enjoyed the tenuous presence of a new religious doctrine as Christian Monks spread their word and healing traditions among the pagan Irish. This period of early contact and the clash of philosophy provided the underpinnings of the modern Irish soul. Extremes of joy as well as pain are found in ample doses. Parental guilt and sibling resentments also build to extremes as a sister of the king tries to secure her own fiefdom and consolidate her own power. She has a magical ability to control those that seek her protection, but it is often reflected in evil actions. Ms. O’Sullivan blends all these really engaging, often battling personalities with just enough detail to set the reader right into the action as it swirls and flows. Her re-creation of Ireland’s natural, very distinctive beauty is so well wrought, I felt immersed. If you have any connection with or feeling for Ireland or her hearty, earnest people, I can recommend this book with no reservations.


Petticoat Rebels is about the women who fought for independence in troubled Ireland. 

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150 Things You Didn’t Know About Ireland with Bonus content …Revised version has 50 EXTRA FACTS!

The book has nearly doubled with over 20 shocking facts you never knew about the Irish famine such as the crude and heartless periodicals and comics printed in London depicting the starving Irish as lazy and only interested in living on Public Works.

Learn about Nellie Cashman from County Cork who worked in mining camps at the time of the Great Gold Rush in America. She not only built and ran her own restaurants and saloons, she tracked through ten feet of snow to save trapped miners while raising 5 children that were not even her own.

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