An Irish Solution To An American Victory

America was built by the Irish.

I’ve said that before but did you know the grass-roots of this fine country, the very fiber of America, the existence of the American government, the life blood that makes America great is due largely in part because of Irish Revolutionary soldiers followed by a few Scots and Scots/Irish, though to be fair, many of the Scots fought for the British and there is at least one notable Irishman in the British army.

Revolution Scots Irish Without these brave Irish men, America would likely not exist, which is why George Washington (the father of America and her first general)  loved his Irish soldiers.

washington general

To show just how much General Washington valued the military aid of our cousins in Ireland he had this to say. I paraphrase the following:

The general congratulates the army, the parliament of Ireland and the inhabitants of that country, to restore to a brave and generous people their ancient rights and freedom and by their operations to promote the cause of America.

Amer Revolution Fight 3Ireland Fights for America

The most enthusiastic supporters of American Rebellion were Irish who fled to escape English Tyranny.  Some had already become American with their forefathers. Others came right off the boat. They were the backbone of Washington’s army.  The Royal Gazette estimated, Washington’s forces were about half Irish.

American currency 1775In 1775, the Continental Congress was in dire need of funds.  Though the British did their best to squash American sympathies  money was collected from major cities throughout Ireland including Dublin, historically a largely British political stronghold in Ireland.

Oliver PollackThe Forgotten Irish Financier

Oliver Pollack, born in Northern Ireland personally raised over $300.000 for the American cause. He was a wealthy commercial agent and is credited with creating the first U.S dollar sign in 1778.  He made  his fortunes while gaining political influence and ran for Congress three times but was never elected. At least twice, Pollock lost his fortune, ending up in debtor’s prison in Havana once, but this gutsy Irishman with the American spirit always prevailed.

In my research for 100 Things You Didn’t Know About Irish History I found many amazing facts, contributions to science, etc. some that cross over into American history such as the following, which I have explored further.

  1.  Hundreds of Irish Americans took part in the American Revolution, too many to count, but several were born right in Ireland, some making it to  become American Generals though Washington had this to say about his army.

Remember, that is is the actions, and not the commission, that make the off that there is more expected from him than the title.

Washington praying

Every post is honorable in which a man can serve his country.



Five men born in Ireland valuable to Washington and the American Revolutionary Army.

Stephen Moylan was born in Cork and one of Washington’s secretary.

Richard Montgomery was from Dublin and a Brigadier General

Hercules Mulligan from County Derry was noted as a master spy for the American cause.

General Richard butler was from Dublin

General Edward Hand

Most Interesting Fact of Irish History I found is this one!!

I would like to say all the Irish were smart enough to support the American cause but its simply not true.  At Yorktown, It was Brigadier General Charles O’Hara who personally surrendered to Washington. He wasn’t full blooded Irish though. He was born in Portugal, the illegitimate son of General James O’Hara and his mistress.

Revolution FlagAnd the list goes on …….

 Washington continued to support his Irish cousins after America won her freedom by his acceptance of the Friendly Sons of St Patrick.

When Thomas Jefferson campaigned for president, he chose Thomas Emmet who was the brother of Irish rebel Robert Emmet as his campaign manager. Robert Emmet is one of Ireland’s martyred patriots!

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  1. Dear Bridgid,
    Thank you for your immediate comment on the Brookyln Bridge. Where can I buy your book? On Amazon? Let me know because I want to buy it now. In a few minutes I have to leave for awhile since the burglar alarm in my wife’s salon went off. It maybe Sprint which is next store but we got a call that the police , if they didn’t call it was just a false alarm. I have to go now.

  2. Thank you Bridgid for this wonderful information. By the way, this doesn’t apply to the American Revolution but I thought I would just add it. I saw a documentary years ago about the Brooklyn Bridge and it was built by an Irish crew.. When it was completed and the cut of the ribbon, it was celebrated by the Master Masons. Not one Irishman who built the bridge came out to the “celebration” . 100% of the Irish builders were a no show. With this unity, how could Washington lose with the Irish many years earlier.

    • Ray, thank you for this research on the Brooklyn Bridge and you certainly gave me food for thought.
      Here is what I found out:
      The Irish workers on the Brooklyn Bridge boycotted (a truly Irish term, boycott. See my fact in 100 Things You Didn’t Know About Ireland) the grand opening on May 24th because it coincided with the birthday of Queen Victoria. This was in 1883, way before Ireland became a Republic and would have been around the time of the Land Wars in Ireland. I would be willing to bet that is not the only reason. Some people thought the bridge was not safe and could collapse. Perhaps the Irish thought so too, which maid them even more determined to boycott the bridge opening on May 24th.

    • Thank you Bridgid for giving mr a free copy. I will read it and I will send a wonderful comment. By the samples, or selections, it is wonderful. Now I will read the entire copy. Incidentally, we checked and my wife’s salon was not broken into. The alarm went off,maybe through the wind? Thanks once again for your wonderful generosity and I will download it and give you great accolades. God Bless!

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